Buckner's Mary Jo Gorden Child Development Center in Lufkin is one of a kind. We service children in our Buckner Family Pathways program and children of students at Angelina College, and we are open to service the daycare and early child education needs in the Lufkin community! 

What is Buckner? Who was Mary Jo Gorden?


Buckner International was founded in 1879 in Dallas, Texas, to serve the needs of vulnerable children. Buckner is a nonprofit organization operating in communities throughout Texas and in six international countries. Our mission hasn't changed -- we focus on the needs of children, and in Lufkin that means providing exceptional childcare to exceptional kids in the community.

Mary Jo Gorden was a valued member of the Lufkin community, and Buckner Lufkin is proud to have her name on our building to honor her life's work in serving children and making Lufkin a better community. 


At Buckner's Mary Jo Gorden Child Development Center in Lufkin, we offer programs for infants 6 weeks old up to children 12 years old. Contact us today to learn more about our daycare and after-school programs and facility features.

​Center Director

Candi Thornton is the Director of the Buckner Child Development Center in Lufkin. She brings more than 25 years of experience in the childcare industry and would love to meet with your family to discuss your needs.

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Did you know?

Meals and Snacks

We have an on-site cook who prepares fresh, nutritious meals and snacks for children at our facility.

4-Star TX Rising Star Rating

Buckner's Childcare in Lufkin has earned the highest rating from TX Rising Star, a voluntary, quality-based childcare rating system of childcare providers in Texas.

Center Curriculum

We follow Frog Street and DIG curriculum for our students.

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Phone number: 936-634-3395 

Address: 3402 Daniel McCall Drive #21 Lufkin, TX 75904